Brooklyn Couple Allegedly Conned People Out Of $300 K

24 people in 17 States were conned out of nearly 300 grand by a married couple who ran a sweepstakes scam out of their Brooklyn apartment.

Ricardo Castang and Linda Altidor called mainly elderly people and told them they had won money through Publishers Clearing House and all the winners had to do to claim their fortune was pay for fees and taxes.

One of the elderly victims sent a check for $60 thousand dollars to the corrupt couple.

The fraudulent sweepstakes scheme was discovered during an ongoing drug trafficking investigation involving Ricardo Castang.

Investigators had tracked two shipments of cocaine intended for Mr.Castang to a Brooklyn shoe store.

Ms. Altidor and Mr. Castang were both charged with fraud and money laundering. 

Castang also received charges for attempted possession of a controlled substance and conspiracy.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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