Drunk Offers To Trade Vodka For Girl Scout Cookies

Jerry Swanson may want to seek professional help.

This past weekend, Mr. Swanson was so blown-out-drunk that he approached a group of Girl Scouts selling cookies in an Ardmore, Oklahoma mall and offered to trade vodka for a box of the delicious snacks.

The failed barter attempt rattled customers at the Mall and as you would expect the Ardmore PD was quickly beckoned. 

Mr. Swanson was found stumbling around another store in the shopping center.

Ardmore Police Captain Keith Ingle said the man was so drunk when he was apprehended, he had no idea what was going on. 

None of the Girl Scouts were injured in their encounter with Mr. Swanson. 

Captain Ingle said he found no alcohol on Mr. Swanson's person, but the man did reek of booze.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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