Sergio Consuegra, the good samaritan who stepped in and stopped a group of bikers in their attack of Alexian Lien and his family, was on "The Rita Cosby Show" Monday. More details continue to come in as to exactly who was involved in the high speed chase and beating of Lien, but Consuegra was one of the few eye witnesses of the incident.

The viral video, showing the chase and beginning of the incident, cut off when one of the bikers started smashing in the driver’s side window of the SUV. Sergio recounted what happened after the video shut off to Rita Cosby on WOR 710. One new detail that was recently revealed that Sergio told to Rita was that the bikers began to attempt to go after Lien's wife before Sergio stepped in and put a stop to the attack. You can listen to Sergio Consuegra's account below.

Below is the viral video showing the beginning of the incident and high speed chase.