Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred was on WOR 710 with Rita Cosby on Tuesday to talk about the SUV/motorcycle road rage incident on the West Side Highway that has left one biker, Edwin Mieses, with severe injuries. Allred is now representing Mieses in a possible case against Alexian Lien, the driver of the SUV. Allred said on WOR 710, “my client is an innocent victim.”

Allred told Rita that she has evidence that proves that Lien actually hit two bikers before running over Mieses. Allred argued that Lien didn't do enough to warn Mieses and the other bikers before driving through them. "Why didn't Mr. Lien at least honk his horn if he wanted to get out of there, warn anybody who was nearby, so that nobody like my client would be run over and possibly paralyzed for life as my client now is."

Listen to Rita Cosby's interview with Gloria Allred on WOR 710 below.