President Trump is once again left to deal with a foreign policy failure passed down from the Obama and Clinton administrations – the volatile situation in North Korea.

Over the weekend, North Korea held a military parade to show off its alleged intercontinental ballistic missiles and other weaponry. On Sunday, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un conducted a new missile test, which failed at launch but succeeded in showing the world he is a desperate and dangerous man.

If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. And here is our history of appeasement with the North Korean regime:

Of course, Clinton was just as wrong about that as Obama was when he claimed he made Syria get rid of its chemical weapons. Hoping to change the behavior of ruthless dictators by appeasing them simply does not work. 

It didn't take very long for North Korea to turn its back on the deal made with Clinton and show new signs of aggression. In 1998, Pyongyang fired a long-range missile over Japan into the Pacific Ocean. And by 2006, the rogue regime had conducted their first nuclear test.

Under President Obama, we saw an explosion in dangerous, threatening activity from North Korea that included various nuclear and missile tests that went largely ignored by the Obama administration for eight long years. 

Cleaning up the foreign policy debacles of past presidents is not easy, but President Trump knows making the world safer can’t wait for the next administration. He’s addressing these backstabbing dictators, and this time, they aren’t going to get the better end of the deal.

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