President trump was on his way back to Mar a Lago when he saw a group of supporters. He surprised all of them when he suddenly stopped the cars and got out to greet them:

But, then there was an even bigger surprise. After they left, President Trump sent a White House van back to pick up the supporters and bring them to Mar a Lago. Watch their reaction:

Watch what happened when they got there:

One of the supporters wrote: "The staffer said the President liked my “God Bless Trump” sign and to tell him it was me who was holding it. A butler wearing a bow tie walked in with a silver platter of “Trump” brand bottled waters and offered them to us. None of us drank the water and we opted to save it as a souvenir." 

The President then walked in along with Steve Bannon and about 8 other men in suits. President Trump met all the supporters, shook our hands, posed for pictures, which are now all over their Facebook pages and that night they were on the evening news: