About the Get Real Show

Dr. Howard has the distinguished honor of holding both Medical and Chiropractic degrees. He understands and appreciates both medical and holistic therapies. Through 30 years of patient care, Dr. Howard has continued to study health, people, and nutrition around the world. His studies and experiences have led him to a unique and effective philosophy of improving quality of life. He calls this philosophy The Triad of Health. By balancing physical, nutritional, and mental health anyone can experience increased vitality and improved lifestyle. Much of Dr. Howard's life's work has been spent solving the nutritional problems of our age. He is the formulator of Balance of Nature's Fruits and Veggies and Fiber & Spice. Dr. Howard lives life to the fullest, and is qualified to help you do the same.

Suzie is Dr. Howard's wife of over 30 years. With ample experience in studying, applying, and experiencing health, she joins Dr. Howard to give practical advice from a down to earth perspective and to keep him talking on a "real person" level. Susie brings a realness to the show that only a mother of 5 and grandmother of 17 can bring.

Together, Dr. Howard and Suzie discuss REAL Food, REAL Science, REAL Nutrition, and practical applications for REAL Results. With their most basic belief being that your health is your responsibility, they encourage you to think for yourself; for your health is decided by the choices you make day to day. If you are interested in improving your health & lifestyle, but tired of being handed pills, or given the same useless and discouraging answers, listen as they debunk falsities and replace them with TRUTH. Tune in and take back the power of your own health.

Tune in to "Get Real" every Saturday evening at 8:00 EST on WOR710.

Get Real with Dr. Howard and Suzie Howard

Saturdays, 11:00pm-12:00am


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