A mentally unbalanced man called 911 and told the operator that he had just killed someone.

When the operator asked who the man had killed, the suspect started laughing and said: "He's in there breathing his last breath."  Again the 911 operator asked who was killed, which led to the suspect yelling "I'm not gonna tell you." before hanging up the phone. 

When Melbourne Florida police arrived at the address they found the victim sitting in his EZ chair with multiple stab wounds to his arm and chest.

The suspect, Anthony Cannone, told police the reason he attacked his roommate was because of his terrible living habits. which included throwing away his food and defecating on the floor.

 Cannone also told officers that he from time to time heard voices in his head.

The stabbing victim is recovering from his injuries.

Mr. Cannone was charged with attempted murder.


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Photo Credit: Getty Images