An angry self-proclaimed NYU film school graduate was caught on video tearing into a street performer. The video was posted on Reddit and has since gone viral. The nearly four minute long video shows this crazed man shouting and cursing at a street performer, who seems to have just been playing his trumpet.

At one point, the street performer keeps playing the trumpet right in the man's face, but for the most part he sits back and listens as this irate guy goes off on a tangent declaring, "And I'm an NYU Film School graduate, SUCKA!... You SUCK!"

The NYU film school graduate also boasts, "I walked Bob Dylan up on stage, who the f**k are you!? I knew the Grateful Dead from 1966." It goes on and on and on and gets worse. Watch the video below.

WARNING NSFW - This video contains strong language

Photo Credit: YouTube