With all the news surrounding the nation’s gun control debate, news that a Texas company created a gun using a 3D printer is sure to ruffle a few feathers. New York Senator Charles Schumer called the news that someone could make an untraceable and undetectable gun using 3D printing technology "stomach-churning."

Forbes reported on the first gun to be made almost entirely with a 3D printer and watched as it was successfully fired. The 3D gun was created by a company called Defense Distributed. The gun, called "The Liberator," reportedly can be constructed almost entirely from a 3D printer. Everything except for the metal firing pin can be printed.

Senator Schumer worries that the gun can fire real bullets while going unnoticed through metal detectors. Schumer said this technology means anyone "can open a gun factory in their garage."

Watch a PIX 11 news segment on the 3D printable gun below.

Below is video of the 3D printed gun being fired.

Photo Credit: YouTube