The Taxi and Limo Commission agreed to an amended version of the Bloomberg administration's "Taxi of Tomorrow" program on Thursday. A month ago a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled that the city needed to offer cab drivers the option to purchase a hybrid vehicle. The New York Daily News reports that the TLC approved a new set of rules allowing cab operators to do just that. Under the new approved rules NYC cabbies will be able to purchase a hybrid alternative to the Nissan NV200 minivan cab.

About two years ago the Bloomberg administration announced that Nissan would be the sole supplier of NYC cabs. However, the Nissan NV200 is not a hybrid and Nissan doesn't provide a hybrid version of their minivan.

The new fleet of cabs featuring cell phone chargers and see-through roofs are expected to start running this October. Despite the TLC's approval of new rules, the New York Daily News reports that some opponents will continue to file lawsuits because of the restriction to purchasing single car model.

Photo Credit: Getty Images