NYC mayoral candidate Bill Thompson took aim at the NYPD's stop-and-frisk program again proposing new ideas for the controversial program. On Tuesday, Thompson laid out a plan to reform the program saying that his new NYPD police commissioner would eliminate productivity goals that requires that officers perform a certain number of stops-and-frisks.

Thompson also said he would have police officers fill out a ticket every time they stop-and-frisk someone. “I’ll require police officers to provide every person stopped to receive a ticket," Thompson said via CBS 2. "Officers will provide people with written information on why he or she was stopped, why it’s happening, what led to the stop and why the police officer chose to stop the individual. This additional data of stops and frisks will be updated regularly in CompStat, tracking to better provide transparency to the public and inform crime prevention methods in neighborhoods.”

Thompson said the tickets would be able to fill out the tickets within a minute.

Photo Credit: Getty Images