Students at Teaneck High School rallied on Wednesday, protesting against the arrest of 63 seniors.  They say reports of damage at the school were overblown and exaggerated.

The students were arresed last week after an alarm went off at the school and police responded.  They were charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

Authorities said those arrested had trashed the building by flipping over desks, urinating in the hallways and filling the school with balloons. 

But school officials described the damage as minor.  Schools Superintendent Barbara Pinsak also said that no urine was found inside the school.

Students and their parents rallied yesterday, calling for the charges to be dropped.  They claimed it was a prank that's been done for years. 

Others argued that the arrests could negatively impact the future of the students.

It's unclear how the students got inside the school.