A new advocacy group in New York argues school children are having their constitutional right to a basic education violated by ineffective teachers.

The Wall Street Journal reports the group is helping parents mount a challenge to the tenure and seniority laws.  They argue the laws make it too expensive, time-consuming and burdensome to get rid of bad teachers.

Former CNN anchor Campbell Brown launched the group, Partnership for Educational Justice, in the hopes of coming up with better educational policies.

"My hope is this would be a wake-up call to politicians who failed to solve these problems for years," Brown said.

This comes after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled against California's tenure laws, saying that poor and minority students are disproportionately saddled with ineffective teachers.  California unions have promised to appeal.

Six students have agreed to serve as plaintiffs in New York and the challenge could be launched this summer.


Source:  Wall Street Journal

Photo Credit: Getty Images