New York City taxpayers are reportedly paying for Mayor Bill de Blasio's personal trips out of state.

Since taking office in January, he’s taken several personal trips on weekends, including to Atlantic City and Massachusetts.  In both of those cases, the NYPD picked up the tab.

The mayor’s aides told the Wall Street Journal de Blasio won’t reimburse the city for costs, even though other current and past lawmakers have.

“NYPD security detail is mandated; therefore, when he travels by car, the mayor is driven by his security detail and the NYPD picks up those costs,” said Marti Adams, the mayor’s first deputy press secretary.

Earlier this week, Mayor de Blasio was caught entering a subway station through an emergency exit without paying.  Adams originally claimed this was an “exceptional case,” but now admits she was wrong.

The City Charter bans public officials from using city resources for non-city purposes.

The city Conflicts of Interest Board does say elected officials with police protection can use a city-issued car for personal purposes without reimbursing the city.  However, they note that lawmakers are “free to reimburse the city” if they choose.


Source:  Wall Street Journal

Photo Credit:  Getty Images