A 27 year old suspect has been arresed in connection with a pair of stabbings, that killed a 6 year old boy and critically injured a 7 year old girl.

Daniel St. Hubert was arrested last night in Queens, not far from his home.  He's now being held at the 75th precinct.

P.J. Avitto was killed and Mikayla Capers was seriously wounded Sunday night at the Boulevard Houses in New York when they were stabbed inside an elevator.  The two kids were going for ice cream when they were attacked.

A massive search for the suspect began, resulting in St. Hubert's arrest last night.  He was taken into custody not long after police publicly identified him as the person they were looking for.

"Forensic evidence was recovered from the crime scene by the forensic investigation division under the detective bureau," Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.  "From that evidence an identification was made."


Photo: NYPD