Westchester Assemblyman Steve Katz attempted to speak out against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Albany's alleged sexual harassment cover up on Thursday, but was silenced when he allegedly had his microphone shut off.

The Assembly was discussing a new 10-point women's agenda which would give women more rights and protections when Katz tried to talk about Silver's lack of action when it came to sexual harassment allegations against former Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Unfortunately, Katz couldn’t continue because his microphone was turned off.

Katz criticized Silver on “The John Gambling Show” Friday morning calling him the "number one enabler of sexual harassment in the work place.” Katz also ripped female Assembly members for not speaking up against Silver. "The silence of the women of this Assembly is one of the disgraces I am subjected to every day," Katz exclaimed on WOR 710. "How these women can talk about the rights of women, the discrimination against women, and at the same time allow this man (Sheldon Silver) with a 12-year history of being an enabler of sexual harassers, of alleged rapists, and the creation of an intolerable working environment for many of the interns and for the women themselves is absolutely appalling to me. I don't know how they can look themselves in the face."

Listen below to Katz’s passionate response to being cut off on the Assembly floor.

Photo Credit: Getty Images