The taxi driver who jumped a curb in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday, striking a tourist and severing her leg says he is praying for the victim. 24-year-old Mohammed Himon told NBC 4 New York that he feels "very very bad" after the violent crash. "I always pray for her to God," Himon said.

Investigators are looking into the incident and looking over video to see what led up to the accident after reports that Himon and the cyclist were jockeying for position before the taxi accelerated over the curb.

Himon, who has been in the U.S. for five years after moving from Bangladesh, went into detail about the incident in an interview with the New York Post. "He was in my way and I got upset, so I gave him notice that I wanted to pass through,” Himon told the Post. “He started pounding on my car with his hands and was yelling things at me. I suddenly felt like I had to get out of there. It was becoming a bad situation. So I accelerated to get in front of him.”

This incident could fuel an already heated debate between car drivers and cyclists.  “I personally feel that if that man on the bike didn’t bang on my car, maybe this would not have happened,” Himon said.

Himon went on complain about the city's bike lanes. "The city wastes a lot of money by giving them all these bike lanes, and for what?" Himon asked. "Honestly, I have no problem with bikers. They should just stay in their lane and I’ll stay in mine.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images/DON EMMERT