No evidence of bullying at Bronx school IS-117 has been found to provide support as a "self-defense" case for Noel Estevez in the stabbing to death classmate Timothy Crump last month.

After investigators sat down with 21 employees of the school to question about the two boys and any activity of bullying, most of the employees said they had no relationship with either of the two boys. In fact, both boys were often truant and did not show up to class. 

The day of the stabbing Estevez was in school while Crump never showed up. Estevez's defense team claimed that the 14-year-old stabbed Crump as self-defense because he was severely bullied by Crump, but there are no signs that any bullying occurred on school grounds, according the the school's staff.



Source: PIX 11

Photo Credit: Getty Images