New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's town hall event in South River was interrupted on Tuesday by protesters.

The Star Ledger says a group stood in unison and chanted in protest, accusing the governor of corrupt uses of Hurricane Sandy funds.  They were kicked out of the town hall.

"You have now seen the latest gift given to you by the public sector unions in the state of New Jersey," said Governor Christie.

Christie accused the state chapter of Communication Workers of America of organizing the protest.  Early in the town hall, he told the crowd he expected the group to disrupt the meeting.

"The state workers union has decided that one of their goals and missions in life is to recruit people to come here to the town hall meeting and when you begin to ask questions, they will stand up and start to scream and yell over you and over me," said Governor Christie.

A town hall meeting in Mount Laurel was also interrupted by protesters last week.  There were no incidents during earlier town hall events this year.


Source:  The Star Ledger

Photo Credit: Getty Images