After years of hard work, Mayor Bill de Blasio has seen his dream of universal pre-k become a reality.

He visited pre-k classrooms in all five boroughs yesterday, welcoming some of the more than 50,000 young kids to their first day of school.

“Welcoming people to this incredibly historic moment, I have to say for Chirlane and I, this is a moment of fulfillment, a dream we’ve had for a long time finally coming to fruition,” de Blasio said.

Mayor de Blasio campaigned on the idea of universal pre-k last year and spent much of his early months in office pushing Albany for the funding.  Pre-k is free for parents and the mayor hopes to expand the program to all eligible students next year.

“Every one of those children has a strong foundation.  It’s going to help other children.  The whole classroom experience is going to improve,” he said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images