Riot police will be ready for Saturday's march on Staten Island to protest the death of Eric Garner.

The New York Post reports about 350 officers have been told to report to Staten Island at 6 a.m. with their “hats and bats.”  Police don’t believe there will be any violence like we’ve seen in Ferguson, but they are worried about outside troublemakers causing problems.

The Daily News reports the fear of trouble has caused some local businesses on Staten island to close on Saturday.

Karl Reina owns Karl’s Klipper Restaurant and says “On the surface it’s a traffic issue, but it’s always a safety issue with that quantity of people in one spot.”

A flier has been handed out to some business owners, telling them “Although the march is considered peaceful, there is no guarantee that everyone in attendance will act sensibly.”

Reverend Al Sharpton has promised this will be a peaceful march, saying they won’t have any tolerance for troublemakers.  Yesterday, he and the family of Eric Garner met with the U.S. Attorney to push for a federal investigation.


Source:  New York Post and Daily News

Photo Credit:  Getty Images