Democratic mayoral candidate John Liu wants to legalize marijuana in NYC. Liu told NY 1 on Tuesday that the city would be able to tax marijuana and regulate it, using the money to cut tuition at the City University of New York in half.

"Why not regulate and tax it?" Liu asked when speaking to NY1. "We can derive $400 million in revenues for the city, use that money to cut CUNY tuition in half and reduce the disparate social impact that's occurring in too many of our communities."

According to NY1, there have been almost 460,000 misdemeanor marijuana arrests under Mayor Bloomberg. "By keeping it illegal, you actually encourage more violent crime," Liu said.

Liu's proposal would reportedly treat the sale of marijuana like the sale of alcohol at liquor stores, just go to the store and buy a bag of weed. However, before legalizing marijuana, the mayor of NYC would need to get approval from the state Legislature first.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Mario Tama