State lawmakers have approved a $140 billion spending plan, giving New York its fourth straight on-time budget.

The budget includes $300 million for pre-kindergarten in New York City, something Mayor Bill de Blasio has pushed for since taking office.

"We know the power of early childhood education," de Blasio said.  "For years people all over this city have been fighting for the idea that we would have full day pre-k for every child.  That idea is about to become a reality."

Mayor de Blasio initially called for a plan that would be funded with a tax increase on the rich in New York City.  He backed off when state lawmakers provided him with guaranteed funding for five years.

"They didn't nickel and dime us.  They didn't give us something that was second best.  They gave us what we needed and that's what we care about."

The budget was first approved by the State Senate.  The Assembly passed it a short time later.


Photo Credit: Getty Images