With NYC's mayoral primaries just over two weeks away, another newspaper has announced their endorsements. The New York Post has endorsed Christine Quinn in the Democratic primary and Joe Lhota in the Republican primary.

"For the Democrats, we believe Christine Quinn is the only candidate who has shown the basic common sense any mayor needs," the Post writes about Quinn. The Post goes on to say, "As speaker, Quinn often showed courage and responsibility by siding with Mayor Bloomberg, as well as by opposing the dangerous proposals of her far more radical council members."

"On the Republican side, Joe Lhota’s record of achievement and solid ideas on tough issues offer the best chance for an accountable and effective government," the Post says of Lhota. "Lhota stands head and shoulders above the field," the Post goes on to explain. "He has valuable know-how and experience, in both the public and private sectors. By any measure, Joe Lhota is the leader best equipped to take on a bloated city government and make it work for the people who pay for it."

How much stock do you put into endorsements from the area newspapers?

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Andy Gropa