The Jets fan that was shown on video punching a female fan in the face during Sunday's Jets, Patriots game has been identified. MY Fox NY reports that 38-year-old Kurt Paschke is the man shown on video striking the female Patriots fan. Now his mother is coming to his defense saying the female fan was the aggressor.

Colleen Paschke said a man should not hit a woman, but her son had little choice. "Yes a guy should not hit a girl or a woman," she told FOX 5, "but if you are going to get a maniac girl how much abuse are you supposed to take before you defend yourself?"

Despite Colleen Paschke's claim that her son was just defending himself, Kurt has a criminal past. In 1992, Kurt was convicted of criminally negligent homicide after fatally stabbing a Long Island teenager.

"He's very mild-mannered, he does have a past from when he was 17 so he knows that when there is an altercation that you move on, you don't put yourself in that position," Colleen said. "He was concerned for me and for himself also just to keep going and not make something out of it. But they thought otherwise. They we're the aggressors."

A Jets spokesperson said the issue is now in the hands of New Jersey State Police who are still investigating the incident. NBC 4 New York reports that charges are expected to be filed on Tuesday.

Watch the video of the fight below.

Photo Credit: YouTube