The Metro-North train that derailed on Sunday was reportedly going 82 mph when it jumped the tracks entering a 30-mile-an-hour curve, according to authorities. The derailment killed four people and left 63 injured.

The New York Post reports that the train's engineer, William Rockefeller, told investigators that he had "zoned out" as the train sped towards the curve. Sources tell the Post that Rockefeller explained that he was "jolted back to the reality" when a whistle went off warning him that the train was going to fast.

According to the data from the train's "black box" Rockefeller didn't apply the brakes until five seconds before the derailment. Authorities are reportedly looking into whether or not Rockefeller was drinking or on the phone when the crash happened. The Post reports that the 46-year-old engineer denied that he had been drinking.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Christopher Gregory