Tuesday evening's Anthony Weiner press conference was supposed to be about the latest sexually explicit photos and messages sent by Weiner, but instead it was WOR 710 news reporter Jeff McKinney's bobbing head that made headlines and even resulted in some parody videos. As Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin addressed the media over the latest sexting scandal, McKinney was becoming an internet sensation on Twitter as "Cubicle Guy."

At the time, no one knew who McKinney was and everyone wanted to find out more about the mystery man who was “pressbombing” Weiner and Abedin. Mark Simone talked with McKinney Wednesday about how he learned he was "Cubicle Guy," why he was standing in the cubicle, and how it feels to be an internet star!

Listen to Mark Simone's interview with WOR 710's Mark McKinney aka "Cubicle Guy" below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images