A New Jersey judge has ruled in favor of Governor Chris Christie, allowing him to make a reduced payment to the state's pension system.

Unions fought Christie's plan and wanted a judge to force the governor to make the full payment.  But Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson determined that would require the state to make cuts elsewhere that could have a severe impact.

The Democratic legislature has pushed a budget that includes higher taxes for businesses and wealthy residents.  Lawmakers will vote today, but Christie has promised to veto the plan if it passes the legislature.

"For our state's families who are already overburdened by high taxes, raising taxes even further would not solve a problem created by decades of neglect and irresponsibility," Christie said.

Christie announced earlier this year the reduced payment was required, after revenue came in short of expectations.  Christie said making the full payment would have meant cuts to education or services for the elderly.


Photo Credit: Getty Images