Eliot Spitzer announced Sunday that he would be running for New York City comptroller. This drew the ire of front runner Scott Stringer who immediately went on the offensive. However, Spitzer could end up not being much of a threat at all to Stringer's run for city comptroller if a New York Post report is true. According to a NY Post report, Spitzer's campaign is highly disorganized with strategists questioning whether Spitzer could even garner the signatures necessary to run for city comptroller.

When Stringer joined “The John Gambling Show” on Tuesday to talk about Spitzer's announcement, Stringer argued that Spitzer was paying people on Craigslist to collect signatures. “I’m not on Craigslist trying to get on the ballot where he (Spitzer) is paying Craigslist people $12 an hour, it’s absurd,” Stringer told John Gambling. Spitzer needs to collect 3,750 signatures by Thursday.

The NY Post reports that if Spitzer collects below 10,000 signatures, the Stringer campaign could challenge Spitzer's bid for city comptroller. Judging by Stringer’s tone on “The John Gambling Show,” the Manhattan Borough President certainly doesn’t sound like a big fan of Spitzer’s campaigning on Craigslist. So will Spitzer garner enough signatures to get on the ballot for city comptroller? Keep checking WOR710.coma and tune into WOR 710 for the latest.

Listen below to Scott Stringer on WOR 710 talking about Spitzer using Craigslist to collect signatures.

Photo Credit: Getty Images