Extra security measures are in place at North Bergen High School today, after a threat against the school.  A message was found written on a desk, threatening to "shoot up the school." 

Today students will not be allowed to bring backpacks to school and they'll have to pass through hand held metal detectors.  Extra police and security guards will also be on hand.  Yesterday, students emptied their lockers while police dogs were brought in to sweep the school.

"We're going to make sure that every child that comes into that building is safe and secure," schools Superintendent George Solter told NorthJersey.com.  "It's all going to be aggressively taken care of."

Authorities are also looking at a group of 200 to 300 students who could have written the message.

The school called every parent and guardian, informing them of what happened in a recorded message.


Source:  NorthJersey.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images