According to a startling new report from the Parents Transparency Project, there are dozens of sexual predators still working in NYC schools because of a broken disciplinary system. The New York Daily News reports that the advocacy group led by former CNN anchor Campbell Brown found that only 33 of 128 school staffers that schools tried to fire for sexual misconduct or inappropriate relationships with students since 2007 were successfully let go.

According to the Daily News, the Parents Transparency Project is arguing that the city should be able to fire teachers or at least remove them from the classroom if they exhibit creepy, but not technically criminal, classroom behavior. In the spring of 2012, the Education Department attempted to fire 16 city teachers for committing disturbing acts, including on teacher who allegedly bent a child over a chair and thrust into him from behind, but all 16 kept their jobs. The advocacy group plans on launching an ad campaign Monday pressuring city and state officials as well as union leaders.

Photo: Tom Wang/Shutterstock