(Jen Chung) A French candidate for mayor of Paris's 17th arrondissement made a bold, scare-mongering play for voters and, referring to the French capital's crime rate, declared, "Paris resembles the Bronx." Maybe he's been going to the Louvre McDonald's, because it's got NYC street art inside it?

Frederic Pechenard, described as a "National Police chief" and "a crucial right-wing vote-bundler" by Quartz, made the remarks earlier this month. Of course, the more liberal candidates have said things like "Paris is not the Bronx" and "The Bronx is lawless. Paris is not the Bronx."

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. was not amused! He issued a statement (in full below) saying, "The tired, ancient stereotypes about the Bronx continue to unfairly cloud the minds of people as far away as Paris, France. We in the Bronx have had enough," pointing out, "Crime has steadily dropped in the Bronx. Last year, the Bronx had the lowest rate of crime it has seen since the early 1960’s, and this year our borough is on pace to be even safer" and "The elected officials of Paris would do well to remember that and focus on the issues Paris faces today, rather than the issues the Bronx faced decades ago."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/MARTIN BUREAU