Dozens of people have been injured this morning in a 5 alarm fire on Staten Island.

The blaze broke out on Chestnut Avenue in the Rosebank section around 1 a.m.  At least 34 people were hurt, including almost two dozen firefighters.

A father inside the burning building was forced to toss his son and daughter out a second floor window to neighbors below, in order to save them. 

"The father was stuck up there, dangling his son outside.... he couldn't do anything - black smoke was just billowing out that window," Anthony DiSimone told the Staten Island Advance.  "So I went underneath - he threw him right to me and I caught his son."

Firefighters rescued several others from inside the building.

The fire was contained a few hours after it started and the Red Cross is helping people displaced by the blaze.

All of the injured are expected to survive.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Source:  Staten Island Advance

Photo Credit: Getty Images