The suspects who replaced American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge with white flags left behind a key piece of evidence - their DNA.

Sources told the New York Post that police found DNA evidence on some of the zip ties used at the scene.

Police are running the license plates of the 1,800 cars that crossed the bridge around the time of the swap Tuesday morning.  They’re also continuing to scour social media, looking for anyone bragging about the incident.

They’ve already uncovered handles for two potential suspects, but are still working to learn their real name.

The lights on the Brooklyn tower of the bridge went out around 3:29 in the morning, followed by the lights on the Manhattan tower about 13 minutes later.  The suspects apparently used lasagna pans to cover the lights that were pointed at the flags.  The white flags weren't noticed until the sun rose a couple hours later.

About three dozen of the NYPD’s top detectives are working on the case.


Source:  New York Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images