Mayor Bill de Blasio is hoping to win support for his universal pre-k plan today with a trip to Albany.  His proposal also includes an expansion of after school programs in New York City.

The stumbling point is the funding source.  Mayor de Blasio wants to raise taxes on New Yorkers earning at least $500,000 a year to pay for it.  Governor Andrew Cuomo and many in the legislature oppose any tax hike.  Cuomo has offered to have the state pay for pre-k.

Yesterday Mayor de Blasio outlined his plan to increase after school programs.  It includes another 62,000 spots for middle school children, more than doubling the number currently accommodated.

"We're ready to put this in place in the coming school year," de Blasio said.  "We have the providers ready to provide the service.  We have the models for what makes for a great after school program."

The problem is the $190 million cost.  De Blasio said that would be covered by his proposed tax increase.

"We can't achieve it without dedicated, sustained and sufficient resources," he said.


Photo Credit: Getty Images