(Max Rivlin-Nadler) Governor Andrew Cuomo really, really doesn't want Bill de Blasio to raise taxes on New York City's wealthiest to pay for universal Pre-K in New York City, so much so that he's willing to cut a check for just about everything de Blasio's plan will need.

“Whatever he needs,” Mr. Cuomo told the New York Times in an interview yesterday. “As fast as he can phase in, we’ll fund it.”

Cuomo's interview came after de Blasio reiterated his intention to lobby the state legislature to allow him to raise taxes in New York City. Cuomo, however, fearing a precedent where de Blasio raises taxes to fund one initiative after another, is looking to nip this thing in the bud.

“If it’s not pre-K,” Mr. Cuomo said, “it’ll be something else.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images