There’s a debate within City Hall over policing strategies following the death of Eric Garner.  And one report says the Reverend Al Sharpton would win out over Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

DNA Info reports Mayor Bill de Blasio would throw Bratton “under the bus” to keep Sharpton as a supporter. 

De Blasio dismissed the story.

“It’s inappropriate, it’s idiotic,” he said.  “I don’t know how many times I’ve said we have the finest police leader in the United States and I believe that in my heart.  I think Bill Bratton is doing an extraordinary job.”

But the video showing police putting Eric Garner in a chokehold has certainly created a split between Sharpton and the NYPD.  Sharpton is calling for an end to the broken windows strategy of policing, telling the Wall Street Journal it’s “become a signal of profiling.”

He also indicated Mayor de Blasio wasn’t keeping his campaign promise to reform the department.

"The challenge the mayor has is how he makes sure the running of any police policy is consistent of what he told voters what he'd stand for,” Sharpton said.

Bratton believes in the broken windows policy, which targets low level crime to prevent more serious crime from occurring.


Source:  Wall Street Journal and DNA Info

Photo Credit:  Getty Images