A rate hike is being considered for Citi Bikes after the program failed to turn a profit last year.

"I would put it this way - all options are on the table," Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg told the Daily News.  "I think everyone agrees it turned out to be a real bargain for New Yorkers, who used the system twice as much as users of other cities."

Currently, Citi Bike costs $95 for an annual membership that allows users to make an unlimited number of 45-minute trips.  There's also a 7 day pass for $25 and a daily pass for $9.95.

There's the possibility that the program could expand to new neighborhoods, although there's no time table for that.

"It's not going to be in the immediate future, but we're going to see if we can figure out the financial and operational issues and set them on a good path," said Trottenberg.



Source:  Daily News