(Jen Chung) David Wildstein, the former Port Authority executive who replied "Got it" when a top deputy to Governor Chris Christie told him to cause some traffic problems for Fort Lee, NJ, testified in front of a NJ Assembly committee today about his role in Bridgegate. But he wasn't very chatty.

Wildstein, who failed to quash the subpoena, said, "Under the advice of counsel, I assert my right to remain silent," and repeated that excuse throughout the session. The Star-Ledger reports:

“Did Mr. Wildstein consult directly with the governor on this traffic study?” Stender asked

Wildstein’s attorney advised him not to answer.

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) said Port Authority employees who testified before the committee felt that if they had not followed orders to close they lanes, they would have lost their jobs.

“Was there an actual fear? Would they have lost their jobs if they did not follow that order?” Johnson asked Wildstein.

Wildstein’s attorney advised him not to answer.

Wildstein was held in contempt; Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who was chairing the transportation hearing, said to Wildstein's lawyer, "I think answering simple questions about, 'Is this your email? Where did you work? What was your job?' really runs beyond your client’s protection from self incrimination."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/William Thomas Cain