Fifty four percent of New Jersey voters approve of Governor Chris Christie's efforts to help the state recover after Hurricane Sandy, according to a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.  That's down 15 points from January and 26 points from November.

Thirty six percent disapprove of his performance on Sandy, while 10 percent are unsure.

"These new numbers are a far cry from the nearly unanimous praise the governor had received for post-Sandy leadership," said David Redlawsk, Director of the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

Governor Christie's response to Hurricane Sandy has dominated two of his recent town hall events this year.  Yet the Bridge-Gate scandal has been a non-issue at those meetings.

"We're seeing a real impact from the recent claims involving withheld Sandy aid as political payback, as well as accusations of uneven and inapropriate distribution of recovery funds," said Redlawsk.  "This could have a more significant long-term impact than the Fort Lee lane closing scandal that opened Christie's second term."

Overall, 49 percent of New Jersey voters view Governor Christie favorably.  His overall job approval rating stands at 55 percent.


Source:  Rutgers-Eagleton Poll