(Jen Chung) After NJ Governor Chris Christie held reporters, TV networks and the public hostage for nearly two hours during his nearly two hour apology/"it wasn't me" blamefest, he headed over the Fort Lee to apologize to Mayor Mark Sokolich and residents for not realizing a deputy chief of staff had ordered nightmarish gridlock for days. Unfortunately, his presence caused some... traffic problems.

Star-Ledger photographer John O'Boyle Tweeted, "Police divert traffic on Main Street in Fort Lee so Gov. Chris Christie can apologize for diverting traffic," with a link to his photos. The NY Times reports:

The governor’s pilgrimage caused a stir in the borough — and, inevitably, caused another tie-up of traffic on its downtown streets. Two women trying to catch a bus home in front of the borough hall took turns cursing the governor for leaving them standing in the near-freezing cold while traffic on Main Street was diverted.

“I find it ironic that the governor chose the height of rush hour to do this,” said Sam Gronner, a Fort Lee resident, who said it had taken an extra 15 minutes to go to the nearby A.&P. supermarket to buy plums for a brisket he planned to cook.

Christie wasn't even wanted in Fort Lee, with Sokolich saying in the morning that Christie shouldn't come since there was still an investigation in the lane closures to the George Washington Bridge. But "I am not a bully" Christie still came—according to Sokolich, Christie "respectfully insisted" and the mayor was pleased with the visit. Sokolich accepted Christie's apology, saying, "He said he wasn't involved. And you know what, we accept that."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Spencer Platt