Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is returning to Bloomberg L.P., the company he founded in 1981.

Bloomberg often insisted he wouldn’t go back to work full time after leaving office last year, but things changed when the company’s chief executive Dan Doctoroff decided to resign.

The New York Times reports Bloomberg began spending more time at the company in recent months and the leadership dynamic shifted, with the former mayor taking a hands-on role in meetings and decisions.

 “It isn’t the job I had for the past six years.  It’s his – he wants to be involved.  He doesn’t want to consult with me on everything.  I get that,” Doctoroff said.

Bloomberg claimed he tried to convince Doctoroff to stay, but admitted he fell in love again with the company and was excited by the work.

Doctoroff will join the board of Bloomberg’s foundation.


Source:  New York Times

Photo Credit:  Getty Images