After New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he wouldn’t campaign for Rob Astorino, a handful of other Republican governors have pledged their support.

The Westchester County Executive traveled to Aspen, Colorado this week where the Republican Governors Association was meeting.  The Daily News reports Astorino was encouraged not to attend the meeting, so a confrontation with Christie would be avoided.

Astorino traveled to Aspen anyway and won some support.  Governors Rick Perry, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence and Bobby Jindal all agreed to help his campaign.

"The Aspen trip made it clear that governors from around the nation will be helping County Executive Astorino become Governor Astorino,” said Astorino campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud.

Earlier this week, Christie said he wouldn’t campaign for Astorino.  With polls showing Governor Andrew Cuomo with a lead of 30 points or more, Christie characterized the race a “landslide” and a “lost cause.”


Source:  Daily News

Photo Credit: Getty Images