Early Wednesday morning thousands of New Yorkers were woken up by a blaring alarm on their cell phones. The New York Daily News reports that just before 4am Wednesday morning an Amber Alert was issued, sending a message reporting a missing child to thousands of New Yorkers.

Based on many people’s reactions it seems this is an unwanted alert. The message Wednesday morning read, "3:51 am AMBER Alert Manhattan, NY Amber Alert UPDATE: LIC/GEX1377 (NY) (1995) Tan Lexis ES300.” Police said that a 7-month-old boy had been taken by his biological mother, who suffered from bipolar disorder and was deemed a threat to the child, from a Harlem social service office. The child was found and returned to the Harlem location where he lives Wednesday afternoon.

However, the loud Amber Alert that startled many New Yorkers early Wednesday morning brought forth a couple questions. First, many people want to know why they are getting an alert about something they don't want to be bothered with? According to the NY Daily News, if you purchased a cell phone after 2011, the phone comes automatically set to receive the alerts. So, the second question becomes, how do you prevent this alarm from going off in the middle of the night again? For pictures of how you can turn off the feature on your iPhone, Gothamist has a good tutorial found here.

Do you want to receive Amber Alerts or would you rather not be bothered?

Photo: photokup/Shutterstock