(Jen Chung ) The apparently accidental shooting of a six-year-old boy by his four-year-old neighbor is now more heartbreaking: The victim, Brandon Holt, has died from his injuries. Toms River, NJ police chief Michael Mastronardy said, "Unfortunately, it’s a tragic accident. Right now, what we want to concentrate (on) is working with the family and helping them through this difficult time."

On Monday, Brandon had been playing with the four-year-old in the younger neighbor's backyard. The four-year-old apparently entered his family's home, took out a .22-caliber rifle—CBS 2's sources say the child got the rifle from under his parents' bed—and brought it out. It's unclear whether the child intentionally fired the gun or fired it by accident, but Brandon was struck in the head, with the bullet lodged in his brain, at 7 p.m.

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