put together a hilarious list of what different categories of dog names say about their owners - do you need an ego boost? Did you let your toddler name him? Are you trying to seem smart? Check it out below!

The Self-Appointed Nobility: Anyone who’s worked with dogs will tell you a dog with a self-styled title is a dog and owner combo you don’t want to deal with. Prince Foxy, Lady Dingles, Princess Mary Molly, Sir Charles and so on. Aside from the fact that you’re naming a dog, not the heir of the Luxembourgish throne, these people are typically incredibly high maintenance. 

The “Smarter than You” name: Choosing a name for your dog is not the time to show off your (self-declared) intellectual prowess. Having a dog named “Dostoyevsky” or “Nietzsche” is not going to make people think you’re blessed with a superior intellect or that you are particularly well-read and worldly.

The Ego Boost: We’ve all met those dogs with names like “Glock”, “Felony”, “Cujo” and the like. You know, names that just scream “I’m insecure and need a dog with a cool name”. These dogs tend to be from breeds that already have a hard enough time dealing with breed stigma, such as pitbulls, American Bulldogs, and Mastiffs. It does not in fact make you look tough to give your dogs one of these names.

Toddler Tacky: While we understand the idea behind allowing kids to name dogs, one must consider if they are truly willing to accept whatever comes spewing of out their childrens’ mouths. A mutual friend of all three Dog Snobs made this mistake years back and ended up with a giant dog name “Mr. Pookiehead”. Seriously. 

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